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Marketing Intern (CLOSED)

The job holder will be responsible to assist the ECS team with day to day requirements that include ECS administrative tasks. He / She will be responsible for emailing customers ECS updates or request info, prepare purchase orders to complete sales orders that will assist in building a stronger customer relationship.

The significant elements on which the job has some direct or indirect impact. It provides data which gives an indication of the scope and scale of the job.

What are the critical accountabilities of the job? 

  1. Answer all incoming telephone calls, and respond as required to ensure customer request is logged and responsible ECS member is contacted and informed so that the customer can receive feedback.
  2. Ensure all relevant and important documents are filed electronically to ensure easy reference and provide accurate information.
  3. Prepare reports required by ECS members to a high standard of accuracy and timeliness to ensure information of customers reflect the actuals thereby guiding ECS members in the right direction.
  4. Arrange on request appointments, visits and travel arrangements for ECSI members so that his / her time is used effectively.
  5. Establish, maintain and update a filing system which ensures that documentation is easily accessible. Maintain office supply inventory, order supplies, monitors and processes client requests.
  6. Establish and maintain files and records of existing clients and those who are discontinued.
  7. Maintain a strong follow up on pending matters and coordinate with concerned people in order to get the matters accomplished and resolved.
  8. Manage sample stock levels to ensure ECS members have adequate samples in hand when meeting customers and clients.
  9. Job Context: A general commentary of any aspects of the job that are relevant and need more explanation e.g. current projects, operating context/environment, key challenges, economic climate etc.
    The job holder is mainly responsible for maintaining the office supplies of ECSI and providing support for all administrative requirements and tasks. Main tasks involve upholding files, effective communication and coordination with chefs and customers (Internal and external).
  10. Knowledge, Skills & Minimum Experience: What does it take to deliver the Key Result Areas in terms of knowledge/qualification, specific experience, technical and /or management skills, etc.? This should be based on the requirement for the job and should not be confused with the actual qualification & experience of the current incumbent.

Education Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or relevant field

Work Experience:

  • a) Years of Experience: 1 (Distribution Experience)
    1. Effective at listening to understand and clarify concerns raised by customers and co-workers
    2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with clear verbal & written communication in all aspects of work
    3. Attention to detail, ability to plan, multitask and work to strict time constraints
    4. Must be proficient in the use of Excel, Power Point and MS Word
    5. Proficient with numbers and inventory process
    6. Actively practice and promote good time management and organisational skills


  1. Advanced Proficiency in MS Office Packages: Word, PowerPoint, Excel Exceeds Expectations
  2. A dedicated person who should have the ability and willingness with a positive approach towards work. Exceeds Expectations
  3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Exceeds Expectations
  4. Ability to work under pressure. Exceeds Expectations
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