Premium beef and sous vide were made for each other. The slow-cooking process locks in moisture for prepared beef dishes that are uniformly cooked, fork-tender and full of flavor. Choose any of our premium beef products and enjoy the easiest way to the ultimate meat-lover’s experience.

Go beyond braising and experience our incredibly tender, juicy and flavorful sous vide meats—premium pork, veal and lamb products of the highest quality. Sous vide lamb is rich, sous vide pork is succulent and sous vide veal is luscious—and all are perfectly cooked every time.

Juicy chicken and moist turkey, slowly cooked and full of flavor. Thanks to the gentleness and precision of sous vide, chicken and turkey dishes are never dried out. And with a wide range of authentic recipes created for the gourmet, prepared foods reach new heights of flavor in our turkey and chicken dishes.

Seafood loves sous vide. With the gentle, precise, slow cooking of sous vide, seafood attains textures that simply can’t be duplicated by traditional techniques. Our prepared seafood dishes eliminate the guesswork, so you can deliver a moist, flavorful, gourmet seafood meal in no time—every time.

Premium-quality prepared vegetarian meals are an important part of sous vide cuisine. The low-and-slow cooking process locks in the natural flavor and nutritional value of vegetables and grains. And our authentic, chef-created recipes bring you a world of delicious vegetarian main dishes or sides—vegetarian options even a carnivore can love.

About Us

In 2018, Emirates Flight Catering commonly known as EKFC started a new joint venture with Washington DC-based Cuisine Solutions (CSI) to become the UAE’s sole distributor of sous vide products, under the name of Emirates Cuisine Solutions.

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