UAE Team

Our Dubai business is a joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering and Washington DC based Cuisine Solutions, the pioneers of sous-vide since 1971.

Led by Tim Whitehead – a foodie, with nearly 40 years’ experience in the food industry, the UAE team is made of passionate Chefs and industry experts focused on culinary innovation and solution

Cuisine Solutions operate 6 production facilities around the world, and when the Dubai facility opens in 2022, it will be the largest halal sous-vide factory in the world.

Tim Whitehead
General Manager

Experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry, Tim is leading the UAE team for Cuisine Solutions. Skilled in Catering, Meat, Management, Business Development, and Culinary Skills, he is a strong professional with a HCIMA focused in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management from Henley College.

Executive Chef

Highly Skilled culinary innovation director and chef with a proven track record in cost saving initiatives, Innovation & NPD (new product development), specialist in frozen, chilled & ambient NPD across sauces, proteins, full plate meals, desserts, multi-site team leadership and business performance turnarounds,Luke is in charge of QSR (quick service restaurants, fast casual, casual dining and OBS (onboard service). Luke has strong food driven values based up on sustainability and quality

Executive Chef

With 24 years of experience in F&B and Culinary Operations globally, ranging from South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, India, China, New York, Finland, Sweden & Germany along with consultancy experience in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. He worked with some of the most internationally renowned chefs, including Conrad Gallagher, Liam Tomlin, Laurent Manrique and Richard Corrigan, all of whom have been awarded Michelin stars for restaurants they have managed and owned. In charge of our hotel segment, casual and fine dining, Nicolas is a passionate and dedicated member of our UAE team.

  • Brunch
  • In-room and buffet
  • Training
  • Personalized solution
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Airlines
  • Military
  • School Canteens and Cafeterias
  • Retails F&B outlet
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Cuisine Solutions’ revolutionary technique produces safer, additive-free food by precision-cooking whole ingredients.
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